Cheap Gemstone Beads For Crafting And Jewelry

With the rise of the Etsy store, the home crafter now has the ability to monetize their passion by creating jewelry that is in high demand. All you need is a good quality bead supply, and the ability to create intricate designs. With those two things, etsy and Google Adwords offers a perpetual cash machine.

Adwords Drive Traffic For More Etsy Sales

Etsy can be hard to get a significant following. This is why many have started supplementing their sales with Google and Bing ads. These ads drive plenty of traffic from shoppers who are ready to buy a unique jewelry item. Since these hand-crafted pieces of jewelry are not sold in any major stores, customers are excited to acquire these one-of-a-kind items.

Wholesale Bead Pricing

You want your creation to be unique and the trick is to find a supply of wholesale beads that every other vendor isn’t already using. There are so many great bead vendors, but after you visit the first three ecommerce stores on Google and your local Hobby Lobby, the hunt becomes a little disheartening. It becomes quite apparent that you are simply using all of the same products that everyone else on etsy is using.

What you need is something unique. Maybe some vintage beads from the early 1900’s. Or some imported beads that no one else has access to.

This is where A Grain Of Sand comes in. They specialize in acquiring closeouts from old manufacturing companies. These discontinued hoards means that your have front-of-line access to beads that few have ever seen. The end result is that you as a crafter can create beautiful, unique jewelry pieces that command top dollar on Ebay.  You can see a list of there beads, here,

Exclusivity does not have to be expensive. A Grain Of Sand sells their beads for a very affordable price and sends out weekly discounts to members of their email list, ensuring that you can restock your supplies for bottom-dollar.