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DIY “It’s A Metaphor” Baseball Cap Design (TFIOS)

DIY “It’s A Metaphor” Baseball Cap Design (TFIOS)

Woohooooo! I’m really proud of this baby and it literally only took me like twelve minutes. I bought this white baseball cap today on a whim because I needed a new one just to wear when I felt like it…and it turned into this… I’m going to be wearing it a lot more than I thought I would haha. The spent was definitely worth it.
I’m still in this whole TFIOS faze. Obsessions die hard I guess.
Anyways, leave your comments below (I don’t know if you guys realize that I literally check the comments on all my videos at least once a day. I didn’t choose the loner life, the loner life chose me).
I hope you enjoyed this simple and pretty basic (but not so basic to where I’d turn red litmus paper blue, ha, ha, ha, ha.. I need a boyfriend) video.
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Btw, shoutout to my twitterstake friends who helped me choose this idea for my hat! You guys rock my socks off.
Nobody even reads these they…
If you do read this type in the comments “PEAS CARROTS MARSHMALLOWS PINK ELEPHANTS” and I’ll love you forever.

Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco
Bad Blood – Bastille (the song that was played at the very end)…

Do It Yourself Baseball Caps: Heat Pressing Hat Patches

Do It Yourself Baseball Caps: Heat Pressing Hat Patches

Screenprinting: Learn How To Screen Print Tee Shirts At Home

Do It Yourself Baseball Caps: Heat Pressing Hat Patches

Please visit and take advantage of the free screen printing educational materials.

This is an educational screen printing video about heat pressing pre made embroidered patches onto baseball caps. In this tutorial video you’ll get to see how you can purchase novelty heat press patches and apply them to all types of hats and baseball caps. You’ll also learn about the special cap heat press you’ll need in order to do so. This very cool video gives you a complete rundown on the materials, equipment and the process by which novelty designs can be heat transferred to any headwear item. Jonathan gives you his usual casual explanation of the process with some humor as well. It’s a very informative and entertaining video and it’s a great way to make ball caps that you can sell right out of the trunk of your car. Who doesn’t love the classic American baseball cap? If you’re looking for a way to make a little money on the side then this video is a must see. Learn how to screen print for fun or for profit and save on screen printing supplies with Catspit Productions, LLC!

Screen Printing Supplies: 5% off List!

Learn and read all about these topics on

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Intro video and music created by Jonathan at Catspit Productions.

All artwork owned by Catspit Productions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Copyright 2012.…



Hi I’m Jazz and this whole baseball cap trend is seriously my favorite.

PS- If you noticed, I’M BLONDE! My “Going Blonde” Video will be up next Sunday! Yay!

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Rihanna | Consideration (Outside My Window) [JohnieB ANTI-remix]

Easy Lemon by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

All opinions in this video are my own and everything purchased in this video was purchased with my own money ☺…

DIY Tumblr Embroidered Hats! AVOCADO & UH HUH HONEY | Dana Jean

DIY Tumblr Embroidered Hats! AVOCADO & UH HUH HONEY | Dana Jean

HEY GUYS! Today I’m showing how to DIY your own tumblr embroidered hats! an avocado and “uh huh honey”
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DIY ✂ Custom Baseball Cap | Enchantelle

DIY ✂ Custom Baseball Cap | Enchantelle


Hey guys!
Here’s a way for you to DIY your own personalized baseball caps using NEEDLE FELTING! It’s a super easy method and allows you to get creative since you are shaping your images with your own hands. It definitely has a more handmade look which I find to be really cute and suits my personality 🙂
Did I forget to mention that its super cheap as well??

① Needle Felting Mat — I bought mine off Amazon. I used to use Foam Boards when I started needle felting, which works the same way. But I wanted to invest in something that would last longer.
② Felting Needle — I bought mine from Michaels in a needle felting kit. This type of needle is different than other kinds of needles.
③ Wool Roving — Also purchased from Michaels!
④ Hats — The caps used in this tutorial were just purchased for from Wal Mart

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Otis McDonald by Joe Bagale

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Protect Yourself With A Baseball Hat!

Custom embroidered hats have to be the one of the top most worn imprinted promotional product next to custom silkscreen and embroidered t-shirts. Over 60% of advertisers purchase custom embroidered baseball hats to promote their product or services. Why may you ask? Hats are the closest thing to the eyes on a face, there for more exposure when we are having a discussion with another person. There are many ways to imprint a hat, airbrushing, screen printing, transfer, beads, patch and the most popular, embroidery. Embroidery is when the color thread is stitched directly on the product creating the desired design through machines controlled by computers after your artwork has been digitized.

Today with the sun rays becoming cancerous everybody requires protection from the sun, so hats have become the fashion trend. You can be a fashion icon with custom embroidered hat. There is a wide range of organic cotton caps.There are blank hats and embroidered to meet your unique needs, or you can have them custom embroidered to your design. Their designers are there to help you get your choice at the earliest. Cotton Organic caps are available in a wide range whether it is microfiber, garment dyed, organic and so forth. The digital logo has to be ready for stitching, and the embroidery machines will do the job of stitching the logo on organic cotton hats. You will be happy to see that your logo in a three-dimensional embroidery format free of charge. But to avail of this facility, you have to pick up at least six hits.

The Benefits of custom embroidered baseball hats

Today many companies have thought of making skull caps part of the company uniform with their logo embroidered on it. So when people see the logo and the employees in uniform, the company name is registered in their mind so whenever the people require the services of the company they are sure to approach. This is a good advertisement for the company. High-quality skull caps with the company logo look very attractive. Here is a company that embroiders skull caps trucker caps, baseball caps and knit caps for different teams and companies on the day to day bases. They have a virtual lab where it is all done in a few minutes on the cap and the visor, whether it is a promotional event, golf team or a sports team.

How custom embroidery can help?

Today it is become a trend to distribute custom embroidered caps when they any event like a blood donation organized by some club. The name and logo of the company organizing the event are written on the cap and is a good promotion for the company. Custom hats have been made attractive accessories all events organized by the Corporates, sports authorities, clubs, and community events. This helps in building the brand of the company and also getting it known to a lot of people. They are different styles like beanies, snapbacks, bucket hats and baseball hats besides other styles which are all used for promotional events.

Custom Hats Prices

The prices of custom hats depend on the number of embroidery location you want on your hat and the number of stitches. However, these prices include up to six colors per logo and up to 10,000 stitches for the first logo and up to 50,000 stitches for additional embroidery logo locations. More than six colors and stitches exceeding the 10,000 number will attract additional prices. A one time setup charge is also applicable and will cost you around $50 for the first logo and $35 for the additional logo. You can either select embroideries from the online catalog by conducting a simple, specific search on the website or send in your designs for your hats. The overall cost of custom baseball hats can reduce further if you choose to place a bulk order since online stores offer good discounts on bulk orders.

Custom Hats and Caps

Hats are stylish items to be used for promotional events. Once they are distributed at these events than you see people on the streets going about using these caps and you remember the company that sponsored the event. Today even Banks hold blood donation camps and distribute caps with the name of the bank and the event that was held, so people get to know the name of the Bank and approach it when they want to avail of some banking facilities. Caps and hats are quality items which can be easily embroidered using the same companies that produce them. The company takes about a week to embroider a consignment and give. So it is every convenient to use them for promotional events.

For more information on custom embroidered hats, visit

New Era Caps Production and sale process

New Era Caps Production and sale process

This time, New Era Wholesale take you to vist the factory in New York headquarters of buffalo, New York, and see how baseball cap come out, and then a long journey across the United States to each big shop sales process, from video can see new era the making process of the baseball cap, remove embroidery machine by outside help, other steps are made by hand.…