4 Questions To Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

When you have been injured, you’ll want to consider hiring a personal injury attorney. This is a must, especially if you know for a fact you were not at fault. Before you hire an attorney, you’ll want to ask them these four important questions.


What Area Of Law Do You Practice?

Not all personal injury attorneys practice the same areas of injury law. For example, one attorney may focus on representing clients who have been injured in car accidents, while others may focus on representing clients who were involved in motorcycle accidents, workplace accidents and so forth. You want to ask your prospective personal injury lawyer exactly what area of personal injury law they specialize in.


How Similar Cases Have You Handled?

You can gouge how much experience a personal injury attorney (https://www.cummingslewis.com/personal-injury) has by asking them how many cases they have handled. The more cases an attorney has taken on, the more experience they will have. Don’t judge an attorney that has only been practicing for a short period of time, but has handled many personal injury cases.

On that note, ask the attorney how many cases they have handled that were similar to yours. Ask them what the outcome has been like because this will give you an idea of what kind of track record they have. If an attorney doesn’t have experience with cases similar to yours, then you probably don’t want to hire them.

Will You Communicate With Me Frequently?

There’s nothing worse than hiring a personal injury lawyer only to find out that they lack communication skills. This brings us to the next question you should ask. You want to ask the lawyer if they will communication with you frequently or on an “need to know” basis. It’s up to you to decide what “frequent” communication is.

Also, find out if you’ll be communicating with the attorney or a member of their staff. If it’s a member of their staff, then make sure they are knowledgeable and highly skilled. Ideally, you want the attorney to be the one contacting you and discussing case details.

How Much Do You Charge?

Finally, ask the attorney how much they charge, but you should really find a lawyer that will only charge you if they win. If there are upfront costs, then make sure you are well aware of what is included in the price and how often you’ll have to make payments. If you cannot afford the attorney’s fees, then do not pay the upfront costs and continue looking for an attorney you can afford to pay or one that works on a contingency. The last thing you want is to hire an attorney you think you can afford, only to learn you actually can’t.

Make sure to ask your personal injury attorney the above four questions. Remember, you want to hire an attorney that you feel the most comfortable with and one you believe will fight aggressively on your behalf. Take your time when looking for an attorney and eventually you will find a good one.